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To be clear: this is not just an issue of police brutality

This is specifically an issue of police brutality against black people

Mike Brown was shot simply for being black. Most of the protesters were black. Most of the journalists who were arrested were also black (or at least nonwhites)

This is pretty much entirely about race and if you ignore that you’re missing the point entirely



Why are people using threatening the press to demonstrate how extreme the ferguson pd’s actions have been tonight when they actually *tear gassed children*

They murdered one boy.  We already know they don’t think black children’s lives are worth anything.  Though personally I think their hostility toward journalists, many of whom are white, is a different manifestation of the same problem.  Black people are assaulted, tear gassed, shot with wooden and rubber bullets, because the cops are racist and imperialist and they think an agitated citizenry is an enemy force.  They’re lashing out at the journalists because they perceive the actions of the press as a betrayal of that imperialism.  Outsiders are supposed to be on their side, right?  They’re supposed to be quietly upholding the kyriarchy, not narcing on the authority figures.  Outsiders are supposed to be like those white people in socks and sandals holding signs supporting the police officer who murdered Mike Brown.  They’re supposed to be like the anchor I saw on TV this afternoon while I was at McD’s with my son, talking about how the shooting was ‘understandable’ because Mike was ‘a bigger boy’ who could have been perceived as ‘intimidating’ by the cop and trying blatantly and repeatedly to get one of his former teachers to talk about incidents where this boy, who didn’t want to play football because he didn’t want to hit anyone, had been violent or intimidating toward others.  Outsiders are supposed to be ‘praying for peace’ by which they mean we’re supposed to want the citizens of Ferguson to sit down and shut up.

But now camera phones are there, and now Al Jazeera is there, and now NBC and CNN are there, and this was not supposed to happen; the cops were supposed to be supported by the establishment, not betrayed.  And the thing is, many major media outlets have tried and are trying to support the cops… but social media has run away with it and they cannot do it effectively.  And in this case that’s a game-changer.  Regular citizens are calling them out on blatantly lying about the events that occurred.  They’re storing, analyzing, and comparing evidence.  They’re uncovering flaws in the official story.  They’re refusing to accept the lie that’s been packaged.  So we see major media outlets attempting to paint Michael Brown as a violent child who wrestled a cop for his gun, pasting smiles on their faces while they repeat the lies they know damn well many of us aren’t buying.  It’s useless.  It’s a screen door against a flood.

The only people buying their bullshit are the people who WANT to be fooled.






like 100% need to know why ppl don’t hesitate to justify cops killing a black person ‘maybe they were stealing’ wow black life is that disposable to you good to know

In case they don’t hear you, though:

When you say, “Maybe they were stealing,” you’re saying, “That candy bar was worth more than that black kid’s life. That teenager’s life, his college years, the possibility of a career and a family and a home, is worth less than a dollar.” And you know damn well they wouldn’t say that about a white kid. They’d be talking about the kid’s future and calling for justice. But we’re worthless to them. We’re not even worth a fucking single dollar.


And tbh I don’t even believe the so called reason the police give. They literally say anything and know they can get away with it.

“That candy bar was worth more than that black kid’s life. That teenager’s life, his college years, the possibility of a career and a family and a home, is worth less than a dollar.”

[Image: A page in a book with all the words scribbled out in black marker except for the sentence: “He just changed the truth till it fit him. He was a real white man.”]


Truth bomb.

[Image: A page in a book with all the words scribbled out in black marker except for the sentence: “He just changed the truth till it fit him. He was a real white man.”]


Truth bomb.

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If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names. I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested. — Chief Russell Mills to the LA Times after shooting and killing black 89-year-old great grandfather Shawn Monroe at a barbecue unprovoked. Today, he walks free with no charges, despite numerous witnesses and his own admission that he enjoys terrorizing black people. (via writeswrongs)
18 Things White People Should Know/Do Before Discussing Racism
When Racism Slips Into Everyday Speech






1. “The peanut gallery”: Just a dismissive term for hecklers or critics, right? Wrong. You’ll probably never use this phrase in reference to a group of black people again once you know its history. Itoriginally referred to the balconies of segregated theaters, where African Americans had to sit. (Why “peanut”? Apparently, peanuts were introduced to America during the slave trade and thus became associated with blacks.)

2. “The jig is up”: Although this expression is used today to describe a joke or scheme that has been revealed or foiled, you’re the one whose fun might end quickly if you say it to the wrong person. This hasn’t been proved beyond a doubt, but many believe the saying was used in its original form by some in the American South to refer to the lynching of a black person. Replace “j” with “n” andyou’ll get it.

3. “Call a spade a spade”: For more than 500 years, this expression has meant “to tell it like it is.” But it wasn’t until the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s that “spade” became a disparaging code word for black people. It’s probably best to retire this phrase forever.

4. “Sold down the river”: Today, if people say they’ve been “sold down the river,” they probably mean they’ve been betrayed. But when the phrase originated, that betrayal was a lot more serious. During slavery, being “sold down the river” was literal. Slave owners would sell their slaves and send them via the Mississippi or Ohio River to plantations in the Deep South, where plantation conditions were much worse.

5. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”: Learning the history of this phrase might taint your childhood memories. Heard at playgrounds around the world, this counting-out expression comes from a classic children’s rhyme dating back to the 19th century. Some early versions include the lyric, “Catch a n—ger by the toe.” The n-word was replaced by “tiger” in later years. Not quite as cute now, is it?

6. “Cotton-picking”: “Are you out of your cotton-picking mind?” We’ve all heard the phrase, but the term has an ugly, if debatable, past. Some say it was used to denote the inferior status of poor farmers and field hands in the Southern states, many of whom were slaves. We’ll just say you’d have to be crazy to say this to anyone who might associate it with that history.

7. “Spook”: How can this word be so bad? If you’ve ever celebrated Halloween, you’ve used some version of it. What is now used regularly to mean “ghost” or to frighten is also a slur akin to “n—ger.” It may have its origins in the perception that dark skin blends into the night, making black people ghostlike. Scarily racist.

8. “Grandfather clause”: You may have been lucky enough to be “grandfathered” into your cellphone plan, but this term has an ugly past. During the 1890s, half a dozen Southern states enacted laws to defy the 15th Amendment and prevent black people from exercising their newfound right to vote. In these states, you were allowed to vote only if your parents or grandparents were able to vote before the year 1867—which was conveniently before blacks had access to the ballot. These days we all have equal rights to this phrase, but it’s probably best if we agree to go ahead and drop it.


Shit, my old, black, U.S. History teacher says half of these.

Don’t forget, Indian Giver and Gyping people in line.

And the worst part about all of this, is there are terms we learn as children, mostly in the school system or on play grounds.

Did you know that according the New York Times 87% of mass shootings in America are committed by Caucasian males between the ages of 13 to 56, yet White Americans tend to be fearful of young black males in hoodies.



The Donald Sterling Situation


So lemme get this straight.

America is stunned that a rich white man can have a black girlfriend (who he only sees as his delicate white girl or his delicate Latina whose caliente Mexican descent overrides her blackness), a white wife, and an empire built on the backs and sweat of his black 40 Million Dollar Slaves and still hate black people.

America is acting brand new like they never heard of the white master messing around with the house negro that he didn’t want associating with field negros while married to his white wife and building his empire off of field negros. 

Come on son.

White America is stunned that White America is still racist.

White America is stunned that White America is still racist.

Amerikkka doesn’t like black people, only black culture or the talents of black people that create white empires. 

[Image: A picture of a light green gurney used for executions, seen through a window. Next to it on a gray background is the text: “Florida has never executed a white person for killing a black person.”]

This shocking stat says it all.

[Image: A picture of a light green gurney used for executions, seen through a window. Next to it on a gray background is the text: “Florida has never executed a white person for killing a black person.”]


This shocking stat says it all.

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Cop Avoids Charge for Shooting Unarmed Young Black Man Who Sought Help


A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict a Charlotte police officer arrested last year for manslaughter after he unloaded 10 rounds from his pistol into a former college athlete who’d sought the officer’s help.

Members of the grand jury said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Randall Kerrick, 28, of the felony charge, asking prosecutors to refile the case with lesser charges, according to NBC News. But prosecutors say the entire grand jury wasn’t present for that vote, and they want to try again for manslaughter.

Kerrick earned infamy last year when he shot Jonathan Ferrell, 24, a former Florida A&M football player, 10 times in the middle of the night last September. Ferrell had crashed his car in what police called “a pretty serious accident,” and he was reportedly seeking help while in distress. After a nearby homeowner called police, Ferrell staggered toward the officers who arrived on the scene. That’s when Kerrick shot the man. Again: 10 times.








but I’m glad to know your alliances lie with the whites, Chels

That’s good to know

I’ve been meaning to cut the poisonous people from my life anyway

And this just shows how hurtful and ignorant you are. You are honestly the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across. I am not a white person, you are severely oppressing my identity. I’m Italian and Irish. I do not identify myself as a “white person.” Racist. ^This is just to quote you and your identity problems.

Listen to me. The fact that you think you have a choice in your racial identity in and of itself is a privilege. The only people who have ever had any choice in such a discussion are white people, as people of color are immediately labeled otherwise. You are white. Your ‘ethnic identity’ does not negate the fact that you are white. No one walking down the street is going to say ‘Hey! That girl is Irish and Italian! I remember when these ethnic groups were marginalized in the united states (and fyi: they haven’t been for a long fucking time).’ You are white to the world, you are white to the society that serves white people first and foremost.

You’ve said in subsequent posts that your family did not engage in racism and oppression, and that you haven’t either. Maybe that would be easier to believe if you weren’t engaging in oppression and racism right this very moment. By claiming phantom discrimination (ie: racism against white people does not exist) and asserting a choice in racial identity (which no other group is given), you are prioritizing yourself and your whiteness over everything else. You are embarrassing yourself.





Time to write my paper. :)

and this is how you know this bitch is white: she can just walk away from this bullshit she’s been putting us through for the last half hour and act like nothing happened





A lot of times people make excuses for old people’s racism, as if racism is just a product of a bygone era and it will die out when the old people do…I always think that if my old people have to suffer racism, your old people should get called on it.

Old People and Racism (via downlo)




I am not about to coddle these folks and “respect my elders” when not but too long ago these folks were calling for MY PEOPLE to fucking get lynched and die and shit. Hell the fuck no. You think you’re immune from my wrath but you’re not. 

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My mother was born in 1957.

She was in grade school when the whole desegregation shit went down.

She told me about how white women would treat her like shit for daring to want to fucking learn.

My grandfather told me of how white men his age would fucking JOKE about how they should have ‘put the niggers in the concentration camps because Germany had the right idea.’ He’s a WWII Vet.

Fuck what you heard.


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[tw: police violence, racism, racist violence]



oh god the social justice bloggers came for me

#but really I am actually feeling sick from the amount of hatred you people are directing at me

#i have been honest in everything i said

#and you lot just assumed that I was uninformed on purpose

#and got mad at me for not immediately dropping hours on open-ended searching

#Side note: you can’t get mad at me for asking for information which you obviously have on hand

#But anyways

#I’m done with the internet for now

Has you life really been so fucking golden that you think you’re experiencing hatred right now?????

Do you realize that the fact that you are living a life in which you have the privilege to be ignorant of police violence and that insulated you from even having to KNOW that people of color including children are being murdered by the police every day is an irritant to people who have to live with it and die by it?

“got mad at you for not immediately dropping hours”



Here’s a starter story about a small fraction of unarmed young black men shot by police including

And here are a few children shot by police:

Shot by “vigilantes”:

Chavis Carter was shot in the head while handcuffed in the back of a police car, and his death ruled “a suicide”.

Every 40 hours a Black person in America is killed by the police.

In California the violence often extends to Latinos.

In fact the police will attack you even when they’re off-duty for “being in the wrong neighborhood”.

In fact, if you’re a 68-year-old veteran who’s MedicAlert bracelet goes off by mistake, the cops will reak into your house and shoot you to death.

But seriously, how long does this list have to be to convince you that POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST POC, ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE, ACTUALLY EXISTS????????