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[Image: A picture of a light green gurney used for executions, seen through a window. Next to it on a gray background is the text: “Florida has never executed a white person for killing a black person.”]


This shocking stat says it all.

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Cop Avoids Charge for Shooting Unarmed Young Black Man Who Sought Help


A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict a Charlotte police officer arrested last year for manslaughter after he unloaded 10 rounds from his pistol into a former college athlete who’d sought the officer’s help.

Members of the grand jury said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Randall Kerrick, 28, of the felony charge, asking prosecutors to refile the case with lesser charges, according to NBC News. But prosecutors say the entire grand jury wasn’t present for that vote, and they want to try again for manslaughter.

Kerrick earned infamy last year when he shot Jonathan Ferrell, 24, a former Florida A&M football player, 10 times in the middle of the night last September. Ferrell had crashed his car in what police called “a pretty serious accident,” and he was reportedly seeking help while in distress. After a nearby homeowner called police, Ferrell staggered toward the officers who arrived on the scene. That’s when Kerrick shot the man. Again: 10 times.

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but I’m glad to know your alliances lie with the whites, Chels

That’s good to know

I’ve been meaning to cut the poisonous people from my life anyway

And this just shows how hurtful and ignorant you are. You are honestly the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across. I am not a white person, you are severely oppressing my identity. I’m Italian and Irish. I do not identify myself as a “white person.” Racist. ^This is just to quote you and your identity problems.

Listen to me. The fact that you think you have a choice in your racial identity in and of itself is a privilege. The only people who have ever had any choice in such a discussion are white people, as people of color are immediately labeled otherwise. You are white. Your ‘ethnic identity’ does not negate the fact that you are white. No one walking down the street is going to say ‘Hey! That girl is Irish and Italian! I remember when these ethnic groups were marginalized in the united states (and fyi: they haven’t been for a long fucking time).’ You are white to the world, you are white to the society that serves white people first and foremost.

You’ve said in subsequent posts that your family did not engage in racism and oppression, and that you haven’t either. Maybe that would be easier to believe if you weren’t engaging in oppression and racism right this very moment. By claiming phantom discrimination (ie: racism against white people does not exist) and asserting a choice in racial identity (which no other group is given), you are prioritizing yourself and your whiteness over everything else. You are embarrassing yourself.


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Time to write my paper. :)

and this is how you know this bitch is white: she can just walk away from this bullshit she’s been putting us through for the last half hour and act like nothing happened






"A lot of times people make excuses for old people’s racism, as if racism is just a product of a bygone era and it will die out when the old people do…I always think that if my old people have to suffer racism, your old people should get called on it."


Old People and Racism (via downlo)




I am not about to coddle these folks and “respect my elders” when not but too long ago these folks were calling for MY PEOPLE to fucking get lynched and die and shit. Hell the fuck no. You think you’re immune from my wrath but you’re not. 

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My mother was born in 1957.

She was in grade school when the whole desegregation shit went down.

She told me about how white women would treat her like shit for daring to want to fucking learn.

My grandfather told me of how white men his age would fucking JOKE about how they should have ‘put the niggers in the concentration camps because Germany had the right idea.’ He’s a WWII Vet.

Fuck what you heard.


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oh god the social justice bloggers came for me

#but really I am actually feeling sick from the amount of hatred you people are directing at me

#i have been honest in everything i said

#and you lot just assumed that I was uninformed on purpose

#and got mad at me for not immediately dropping hours on open-ended searching

#Side note: you can’t get mad at me for asking for information which you obviously have on hand

#But anyways

#I’m done with the internet for now

Has you life really been so fucking golden that you think you’re experiencing hatred right now?????

Do you realize that the fact that you are living a life in which you have the privilege to be ignorant of police violence and that insulated you from even having to KNOW that people of color including children are being murdered by the police every day is an irritant to people who have to live with it and die by it?

“got mad at you for not immediately dropping hours”



Here’s a starter story about a small fraction of unarmed young black men shot by police including

And here are a few children shot by police:

Shot by “vigilantes”:

Chavis Carter was shot in the head while handcuffed in the back of a police car, and his death ruled “a suicide”.

Every 40 hours a Black person in America is killed by the police.

In California the violence often extends to Latinos.

In fact the police will attack you even when they’re off-duty for “being in the wrong neighborhood”.

In fact, if you’re a 68-year-old veteran who’s MedicAlert bracelet goes off by mistake, the cops will reak into your house and shoot you to death.

But seriously, how long does this list have to be to convince you that POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST POC, ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE, ACTUALLY EXISTS????????




Oh, the hu-manatee!: (rhetorical) questions for white people






For those deeply and truly concerned about being anti-racist and checking their shit…

How prepared and comfortable are you with the notion that even if you do everything right, some PoC/non-white/Indigenous people will never trust, like, or love you? That…

Hi friend,

I understand the context of your grievances and this is in no way meant to be offensive. I just wonder if maybe, maybe you’ve taken your deserved and well-intentioned indignity a bit too far.

For all of your examples, I’d appreciate you citing sources other than yourself, but c’est la vie. The ones you do cite take issue with various bad practices - and they are bad, no one is disagreeing with that. But just because one person is attempting to exploit yoga, no one should do it? I’m from the District of Columbia and let me tell you, if I stopped participating in all the programs with rotten eggs at the top - well. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all, it doesn’t matter who’s perpetuating the injustice, although you should know that the culprits in D.C. range across the color spectrum.

There is an uncomfortable history in a lot of things, tattoos being only one of them. Should we stop celebrating Thanksgiving because of its less-than-comfortable origins? Should we just boycott all Western Europe in general? Because they did some pretty shitty things too. But people of color still move there, visit there, are accepted there. What’s wrong with the study and learning about diverse people and cultures, exchanges in both directions? It serves to promote understanding, not advance hate.

But hey okay I think we’re going to disagree no matter what so let me say this: I wish that no one would tell anyone what to do, and that no one would be burdened by race. Easy for me to say, right? But it starts with one. I’ll endeavor to treat everyone as I’d want to be treated regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or anything else they feels sets them apart; and if you want the same, then maybe what I’m saying has the teensiest grain of truth. :)


Lol at the bold. Seriously. Only one person exploiting yoga? Um… how does a whole industry count as one person? And who do you mean by ‘no one’? White people? Because I haven’t said anything about Indian people practicing yoga (may your tradition live for always). 

I’m dying at the mention of thanksgiving. It is clear you’ve never read anything written on the holiday by an Indigenous person. 

Oh. PoC move to europe and are accepted there? Really? Really!? 

You wish no one would tell anyone to do anything? Okay. 

Did I seriously, even once in my OP or my responses, actually tell anyone to do anything? 

The questions were rhetorical. Something to encourage white people to reflect on their privilege in a larger context than just their lives. 

And the last bold, actually, no. I don’t want everyone treated exactly the same. At all. 

(also… i can cite myself if i want. i did research for those posts. but wait. it isn’t like you couldn’t have done the same research to fact check. it isn’t like i entered simple queries into google and found my info in the first page of results. nope. nothing like that at all. i’m just citing myself and making shit up.)

And white people have repeatedly proved the original point you were making all throughout this convo.

None of you give a shit about being anti-racist at all. You just care about your whiteness being respected and how you can make PoC respect it.

This is why I stopped making lists of do’s and don’ts for white people. They think if they do or don’t do certain things, then PoC will like them and will never complain about their whiteness.

They are only interested in getting us to stop complaining, not being anti-racist.

It’s not about what to do or don’t do, though you should make an effort not to be offensive assholes. It’s about respecting PoC’s judgments about you, not find ways to get PoC to stop complaining, ie disguise your white supremacy in ways in which PoC will swallow it. Give PoC the CHOICE whether to trust you as an anti-racist ally, and do what you can to establish trust, instead of thinking that if you do or don’t do this or that, PoC OWE you trust.

If a white person stopped doing yoga, that, by itself, won’t make them any more trustworthy. But people have been whining and complaining about your examples and are afraid that PoC will see their supremacy because they do yoga.

Nah, we see it, regardless if you do yoga, because of how you’re acting when it’s revealed as problematic.

Some PoC will trust you, some won’t, and you ARE going to fuck up. But a lot of white people don’t want to fathom some PoC not giving them trust they feel entitled to, and they get upset when PoC don’t trust them even of they follow all do’s and don’ts perfectly.

Racism is the most accurately detected in PoC’s guts. We will listen to that in the end, white people, no matter how inoffensive you act. And then, because PoC are different people, there might be different opinions about you.

So are you prepared for that, or are you going to throw a fit because PoC don’t owe you trust, and there’s nothing you can do to make PoC respect your whiteness?

You know they ain’t. That’s why they insist on those “5 Easy Things To Do/Not Do To Keep PoC From Being Mad At You” lists and easy suggestions.  They ain’t tryna do any work at all really.  And like you said, they could give a quadroon shit about being anti racist.  They just want us to shut up about the crap they do.

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"[The Ku Klux] Klan in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross. Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. In some communities it achieved a certain respectability as it worked with politicians."


14 Wacky “Facts” kids will learn in Louisiana voucher schools (via sarahmcnamaraundercover)

listen. there’s a reason they’re trying to dismantlethe public school system. it becomes MUCH easier to teach shit like this.

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Official Website:

Youtube Page:

Victoria Foyt website:

Report, send email, messages to let them know this isn’t okay at all. 


I am formulating a letter as we speak.

Can’t believe I have to, early in the morning, tell a grown ass bitch NOT to encourage BLACKFACE.

like i keep reading the book premise and watching the videos and reading the Facebook posts and i just


how did this leave “conceptual stage”

how did this idea leave someone’s head andmultiple people approved it and allowed it to happen.

what a HORRIFICALLY racist idea, a racist execution, and a racist disaster. IF YOU HAVE TO DO BLACKFACE TO PROMOTE YOUR BOOK, YOU ARE 100% DOING IT WRONG.

fuck this

twitter account is @SaveThePearls

signal boost. We need to let writer, publisher, and everyone else know THIS IS NOT EVER ACCEPTABLE. 

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White privilege is learning about the Filipino Genocide carried out by the white American servicemen and, assuming that the only genocides that ever happened were the ones written about by white textbook publishers, categorizing it as “fortunes of war” instead of the systemic murder of a people.

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"A new study shows that young black people are considerably less likely to use and abuse drugs than whites — less than any other group other than Asians, in fact — yet they are ten times more likely to be arrested for it."

- Ed Brayton, Dispatches from the Culture Wars (via socialuprooting)

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OK, I hear the gist of your complaint:  She’s 16, she’s troubled, this is a big and permanent consequence for what you see as merely the sort of dumb shit kids do because they don’t know any better.  After all, this is why we make a distinction between children and grown-ups.

I have some questions:

1) Are you aware that for the past 30 or so years courts have increasingly permitted prosecutors to try children as young as 13 “as adults” — meaning that they go to grown-up court and grown-up prison — on the grounds that they’re old enough to know better and can thus be held accountable like adults?

2) Are you aware that children of Color — and Black children more than anyone else — are more likely to be tried as adults than white children for the same crime?

3) Since you clearly believe the practice of trying children as adults is bullshit because there is no possible way one can object to what’s happening to Valerie’s future without believing it, what are you doing to end that practice?

Oh, wait, I already know the answer to three:  It’s something between nothing and not enough.

So come back and talk about how horrible it is that Valerie Lucille Callahan will be held to account for her words (and let’s face it, she’ll get to say “I was young and stupid,” maybe cry a little, and most employers will totally let her skate.) once you’re on record doing somethingeffectiveabout the tens of thousands of Children of Color facing far harsher consequences.

Unless, of course, instead of saying she’s “too young” you mean she’s “too white.”

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[Image: A picture of a middle aged white man standing on a sidewalk holding a hand made sign that reads: “www.savewhite No university funds for anti-white hate. Trayvon = No saint role model. Just a ghetto hoodlum. If Obama had a son he would Trayvon.” Over the image of the man and his racist sign is the word “cracker”.]

[Image: A picture of a middle aged white man standing on a sidewalk holding a hand made sign that reads: “www.savewhite No university funds for anti-white hate. Trayvon = No saint role model. Just a ghetto hoodlum. If Obama had a son he would Trayvon.” Over the image of the man and his racist sign is the word “cracker”.]

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