Madame Thursday



and white women are dumb as fuck to NOT let women of color, especially trans* women lead their shit.

anything you experience at the hands of patriarchy as white women, we experience times 100, in addition to all the intersections of marginalization that exist. 

if anybodys gonna tell you whats wrong with the wrong and what change is needed the very most, its the most needy, vulnerable and agreded.

thats also why men are dumb as fuck to think they can stage real, sustainable revolutions without always consulting with the most victimized and oppressed, and no, it isnt you. it isnt the smartest, most educated, most handsome, or most powerful. its the powerless who know what the world needs.

poverty is feminized. as in, its for women, mostly. pretty much everywhere you look. women and children…OF COLOR for the most part.

so trust and believe, if WE as women of color manage to get shit to be equal for us, that is exactly how much better everything will be for everyone. this is the world, as you force us into a kneeling position.

the world is we too could stand up…..

would be that much more grand.

you cant pretend to actually care,

if your ideals are still dependent on exploiting and infringing upon the rights of over half the world.

Dear White Feminists™,



Look at yourselves and how you’re acting right now. A WoC dares to point out that Rush Limbaugh has been saying racist and sexist shit to WoC for years and y’all lose your shit! You pull out every trick in the book in an attempt to derail the conversation. I’ve heard everything from “it’s not always about race” to “you cunts just hate white people”.

The way y’all are acting right now is why I stripped myself of the “feminist” title. I came into this shit real naive. I was under the impression that we were fighting for all women. You know trans*, cis, straight, gay, bi, asexual, pansexual, PoC, white people, all of us. I learned pretty motherfucking quickly I was wrong. It first started with the cis white feminists complaining about using trans* inclusive language. All you had to do, at the very fucking least, was say people instead of women. You moaned, you complained, and you cried. One of you even said “why can’t we have something for ourselves”.

The second strike came with the harassment and belittling of asexual and demisexual people. You laughed at, mocked, and harassed people for their sexual identity. You even had the nerve to tell them that their identity wasn’t a valid one. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think that’s some fucked up shit.

What really pisses me off beyond all reason is the constant dismissal and harassment of WoC. We aren’t allowed to discuss our experiences with sexism and racism without having some white feminist™ drop in with her two cents on the matter. We get told by you how we should think, act, and feel. Our experiences with racism don’t matter to you. Whenever we talk about the things we go through on a daily basis, we’re told we are overreacting, we’re “being too sensitive”, and that “it’s not always about race”. It’s either that or we get the educated white feminist™ who thinks they can jump in and tell us what really is and isn’t racist.

Intersectionality doesn’t exist with you people. You treat MoC as if they are the most sexist men on the face of the earth when it is white men who control society. White cis men make the most money in this country. White cis men control the media. White cis men control the government. You just want to ignore that though. It’s much easier to blame MoC for everything, isn’t it?

Until you people learn to understand and examine your privilege, I refuse to call myself a feminist. You’re always asking and wondering why PoC, trans* people, and others avoid y’all like the plague, here is your answer. As of right now, feminism only fights for the equality of white middle class cis women. You have a hell of a lot of work to do if you ever want to regain our trust.



White feminists make me shiver. Why i just seent some shit about the only way to reduce the number of kids born is to empower and educate women. These soulless bitches only care to educate women of color for the purpose of bringing our population numbers down? Fuucccckkkk yyyoooouuuuuu. Talmbout thats the key to ending poverty and wasting of resources. Shut your white traps and go live in the woods. The lot of you. Watch how quick theres suddenly enough for everybody else. Yyyoooouuuuuu consume it all. How about empowering all women because we’re human and not so you can hoard resources you fucking douches. Poverty is mainly a condition of woc and children because thats who we deny access to shit. Not because we dare to pop babies out of our brown vaginas. Fuck off, pseudointellectual eugenics pushin assholes! And stop bein so predictable.


I don’t care if anyone hates James bliss. I really don’t. What’s pissing me off is people IGNORING AND DEMONIZING THE VOICES OF BLACK WOMEN. Protip: when you make us out to be some mindless, attacking horde with no reasoning skills for why we trust him, YOU SOUND LIKE HUGO. That is a tactic he uses to silence Black women and other WOC. When you ignore what we say about james bliss, you sound like the white feminists who didn’t listen to WOC knowledge about *why* HS is a predator. We see a difference between HS, Tim Wise and James. Two have made careers in extremely unethical ways, one is a random grad student studying theory and occasionally sharing thoughts on what he’s read.

I don’t care if you hate James bliss. I care that you are ignoring and vilifying Black people.

White feminists: jot this down, print it out, tape and record it, or just stick it somewhere you can see it constantly. THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

Cross-racial struggle made clear the work that white women needed to do in order for cross-racial sisterhood to really be powerful. Among the directives were the following: Don’t expect women of color to be your educators, to do all the bridge work. White women need to be the bridge - a lot of the time. Do not lump African American, Latina, Asian American, and Native American women into one category. History, culture, imperialism, language, class, region, and sexuality make the concept of a monolithic “women of color” indefensible. Listen to women of color’s anger. It is informed by centuries of struggle, erasure, and experience. White women, look to your own history for signs of heresy and rebellion. Do not take the histories of Black, Latina, or Native American women as your own. They are not and never were yours.
— Becky Thompson, “Multiracial Feminism: Recasting the Chronology of Second Wave Feminism,” in Nancy Hewitt, ed., No Permanent Waves: Recasting Histories of U.S. Feminisms (via ohgeeznora)

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