Madame Thursday



and white women are dumb as fuck to NOT let women of color, especially trans* women lead their shit.

anything you experience at the hands of patriarchy as white women, we experience times 100, in addition to all the intersections of marginalization that exist. 

if anybodys gonna tell you whats wrong with the wrong and what change is needed the very most, its the most needy, vulnerable and agreded.

thats also why men are dumb as fuck to think they can stage real, sustainable revolutions without always consulting with the most victimized and oppressed, and no, it isnt you. it isnt the smartest, most educated, most handsome, or most powerful. its the powerless who know what the world needs.

poverty is feminized. as in, its for women, mostly. pretty much everywhere you look. women and children…OF COLOR for the most part.

so trust and believe, if WE as women of color manage to get shit to be equal for us, that is exactly how much better everything will be for everyone. this is the world, as you force us into a kneeling position.

the world is we too could stand up…..

would be that much more grand.

you cant pretend to actually care,

if your ideals are still dependent on exploiting and infringing upon the rights of over half the world.

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