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5 Signs You’re a Bad Ally For POC


1. You enter safe spaces for people of color to talk about your own experiences, saying you understand (when you don’t) to derail a conversation (ex: in middle school, I was bullied for being blonde so that’s kind of like racism).
2. You feel the need to constantly point out you’re one of the “good” white people.
3. You tone police (ex: maybe people would listen to you if you were nicer).
4. You you’re “color blind”, don’t see color, or anything of the sort (it is just a nice way of saying you don’t care about racial issues).
5. You use your Black best friend (or Native American grandmother, Latin@ significant other, adopted Asian child) to validate anything you say.

A Brief History of White Androgynous Radical Queerness


In the beginning, while people pillaged the world through imperialism, colonialism, slavery, genocide, Manifest Destiny, occupation and subjugation of people of color. They take what they want for capital gain. These practices continue to this day.

Next, white people use more violence to continue their hold over the world by suppressing the cultures of global indigenous peoples. This includes physical and psychological warfare. Indigenous people are tortured and killed for practicing aspects of their culture that don’t benefit whiteness. This includes matriarchy and gender fluidity (i.e. “third” genders and what would be called today “queerness”).

White heteropatriarchy, including the gender binary, is forced upon these cultures. People who resist are brutalized. This goes on for generations, until it is fearfully instilled into the people.

But, there are always people of color resisting along the way.

Flash forward to the 20th century, where anti-assimilation queer people of color organize, riot and refuse to be silenced. Some white people are there, but for the most part they are too busy trying to expand the limits of white patriarchy to include themselves.

When more white people begin to realize their efforts are futile. They take a cue from their forefathers, and begin to takeover the queer movement. They become the poster children for the movement. They accuse people of color of derailing the movement by talking about racism. Many even accuse people of color for being responsible for the cissexist heteropatriarchy that oppresses them in the first place.

The white queers believe in the ideals of second-wave feminism that views femininity as intrinsically weak, and masculinity as inherently oppressive and adopt androgyny, claiming it to be truly radical. These same radical queers mock queer people of color for being to rigid in their gender presentations.

They continue to silence queer people of color through academicizing their struggle and appropriating it to no end. Take a look at Paris Is Burning and tell me what you see.

Today, queer spaces are white, rank androgyny as most desirable, and when we’re lucky will pay lip-service to the anti-racist movement that once was the cornerstone of queer liberation, conveniently forgetting that it was whiteness that put us in the place we are in today.

Mississippi Church Refuses to Marry Black Couple



But how can this be? It’s 2012 and all racism has been magically gone for years! *sarcasm* This is honestly horrible. One day before their wedding the pastor says he refuses to perform the ceremony at their church because they’re black.

Mind you, this was the church they had been attending for years. The pastor wanted to perform the service & switched locale at the last minute to protect them from members of the congregation who were angry that a black couple might be married in “their” church.

Yes, Brave should have and could have included PoC characters.


First of all, we’re talking about a movie in which humans turn into bears and a witch has a talking raven. I can accept a universe with magic and talking bears, I can sure as hell accept a universe in which there were black people in Scotland by around the 10th century.


Seriously. Black people weren’t just sittin’ around with their thumbs up their asses waiting to be discovered and enslaved by white people. 

Let’s have a run down of Non-white people who did have contact with Europe, and could have been in Brave:

  • -The Egyptians (many of whom where, yes black. Some of them were more middle eastern in appearance, but many were undisputedly Black as well),
  • -the Ghana empire
  • -traders and goods from China that traveled along the silk road and Indian Ocean trading routes,
  • -The Moors (of Northern Africa) who had sustained contact with Europe, especially after the arrival of Islam into the region, which increased international trade
  • -fuck, God damn HANNIBAL with his fucking war elephants marching over the alps and making the Romans piss themselves
  • The First Crusade happened in the late 10th Century, and Europeans had been making pilgrimages to the Middle East long before then.
  • The entire Arabic world had plenty of contact with Europe through trade.

ALL had contact with Europe by the 10th century. 

I know that in school we’re taught that History was made by white people, and the stories and experiences of the rest of the world tend to be systematically ignored until Atlantic Slavery comes along, but this is not reality. 

Europeans had contact with non-white people for thousands of fucking years before imperialism began. 

—> Another recent movie, called “The Secret of Kells” set in Ireland in the 7th Century had both black AND arabic characters in it. 

I ADORED Brave as a movie. I thought that it’s focus on female relationships, instead of the standard heteronormative romance was really refreshing. It’s a movie that I can not wait to show my children growing up. BUT this does not change the fact that the complete and utter erasure of PoC in Europe’s history is still problematic. 




Martin, 17, a high school junior who lived with his mother in Miami, was visiting his father and stepmother at their home in Sanford, a suburb of Orlando, on the weekend of Feb. 26. During halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, Martin’s family said he walked to a nearby convenience store to get some…

shot by his own neighborhood watch. being black in america….. i’m going to say this again because i think it needs to be said. THIS is the family President Obama needs to be reaching out to. FUCK sandra fluke and her feelings of being called names while PoC have been called way worse for way longer on the SAME program and she was silent as all the shit. This young intelligent (not that THAT even fuckin matters) black boy was shot and killed by his own neighborhood watch because he was black and obviously black people are too dangerous to live in an affluent white neighborhood. and for all the white people SILENT about this issue because they dont care or havent even bothered to look into how their white privilege literally KILLS us can suck all the AIDs dicks in the world. and yes thats vulgar and yes its coming from a place of hate and YES YOU DESERVE IT. 


90’s R&B medley (by VanJess24)


Oh my god this is perfection! Also, I love that they start doing just a little bit of the moves from the Creep video when they get to the TLC bit. Don’t lie, you start doing the dance and wishing you had some silk PJ’s on when you hear that song, I know I do! :)

An Open Letter to White Progressives/Radicals


A letter written in 06, still relevant every. single. day.

“When confronted, rather than listen openly, you refute any perception of bigotry in your ultra-pure movement or that maybe, just maybe, people of color might have credible/valid points, that even minuscule errors might have been made and you have some work to do. Our effort to candidly communicate issues we see is returned with the posture that you and your movement are above growing, learning or reproach. White privilege has trained you white folks since the spoon that you are an authority, THE authority. You know what’s best and right, whether you say it openly or not, because you’re white.”

The above emphasis in that quote is mine, and is so true after going back and reading some of the responses to what I’ve been posting concerning Ryan Cassata. It’s either some neo-hippie bullshit of “Can we just forget about all this and learn to love each other?” or some more white folks in denial who think that just because he is a trans* activist he can do no wrong in other areas.

The term of People of Color: People of color’ is not a term that refers to a real biological or scientific distinction between people. People of color in the U.S. share the common experience of being targeted and oppressed by racism. Unfortunately, one of the ways racism operates is to keep people of color divided. Many people only think about their specific ethnic or racial group when discussing oppression or the need to build political power. By using the term people of color, we begin to push people to think more broadly. We need to build relationships with other groups of color. The term people of color has movement-building potential. racismfreeontario/articles/a-history-the-construction-of-race-and-racism.pdf (via racismfreeontario)
[Image: A picture of ballerina Misty Copeland, a light brown skinned woman, on pointe (on her toes) with one foot with the other leg straight in the air in a very athletic move. supporting her is a male ballerina with much darker skin wearing a black short legged body suit.]

~Misty Copeland

The athleticism and absolute grace is just magnificent here. The thing nobody gets about ballet is that if you want to see superhuman, almost superhero-esque agility and strength and moves? Go there. Ballerinas (being thought of as being all tutu-wearing pink-frilled ultra-femme women) don’t get the cred they deserve. They endure some of the most physically rigorous work I can think of. 
Forget frickin’ football (American or otherwise) or anything else. Ballerinas bring it.
The position this woman is in and her ability to do it should have you in utter awe.

[Image: A picture of ballerina Misty Copeland, a light brown skinned woman, on pointe (on her toes) with one foot with the other leg straight in the air in a very athletic move. supporting her is a male ballerina with much darker skin wearing a black short legged body suit.]


~Misty Copeland

The athleticism and absolute grace is just magnificent here. The thing nobody gets about ballet is that if you want to see superhuman, almost superhero-esque agility and strength and moves? Go there. Ballerinas (being thought of as being all tutu-wearing pink-frilled ultra-femme women) don’t get the cred they deserve. They endure some of the most physically rigorous work I can think of. 

Forget frickin’ football (American or otherwise) or anything else. Ballerinas bring it.

The position this woman is in and her ability to do it should have you in utter awe.

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In a state of hype(r)panik.: I mean, where the fuck does a white person get off telling POC to stop infighting/colorism


…yet totally doesn’t want to acknowledge their privilege and blatant racism? & then quotes MLK Jr at people?

That is the most whitesplaining bullshit I have read in a while.

Unfortunately, at this point, MLK Jr’s legacy has been co-opted by racist white supremacist whitesplainers and used to…

If You Are An Ally, Advocate & Hold A Position of Power Don’t Do This:


An Open Letter To Buck Angel:

The fact that you are in a position of power because you are so well known and regardless of whether you like it or not, you have media attention and people look to you as an important voice for the queer community. I am stating this because this is vital to what is happening right now.

It’s offensive and extremely disappointing to watch someone who calls themselves an advocate and ally state some pretty disgusting sentiments.

Before you dismiss this call out like you have to others, Buck, take a moment to really listen to critique’s and don’t lump anyone with a minute amount of dissent as hating you. Especially when it comes from within your own community.

You are pissed. It’s pretty obvious, even though you have a lot of supporters who would jump in immediately to state that you are in no way wrong, even some people of color saying that you aren’t racist or classist. I am here to remind you that one or a few people of color giving you a free pass does not equal a literal all clear free pass.

Having watched the critiques and then arguments unfold, I can’t help but have to call you out as well.

If you identify as an ally, advocate and educator. It is important that you do the internal work of being an ally and educate yourself properly. Listening to people of color when they tell you what you are doing is hurting them and is racist is a part of this. Listen. Instead of letting your anger come first over everything, if you truly are an ally, Listen to the people you are offending. Check your privilege & the fact that the statements you make that are racist, classist or misogynist will be called out and it isn’t as simple as “this person hates me” because you are being called out.

That’s the easy selfish way out. You have feelings yet, if you are an ally, you learn to deal with the anger you feel when being called out and you listen. You read the critiques and you work at changing what you are doing.

What You’re Doing Wrong & Are Being Called Out For:

  • Taking critique as personal insult
  • Not listening to people of color when they call you out on racism
  • Not listening to people in general when they call you out on racism & classism
  • Not being an true ally
  • Instead of discussing or walking away, retorting to classist & racist statements like “Maybe that’s why you’re poor and need to beg for money” to insult a queer person of color who said they hated you. On top of it, posting their blog on your twitter so people would attack said queer person of color.
  • Using tactics of oppression against people within your own community
  • Not owning up to the statements you make and pretending that they are somehow loving and peaceful
  • Threatening queer people of color for calling you out, more specifically threatening a queer woman of color

Also, there is no such thing as a “race card” Buck:

BuckAngel Buck Angel® @   @danny_waters @RyanStGermain what does color have to do with anything-using the race card is a bit racist don’t you think?

6 hours ago

If a person of color tells you you are being racist, they don’t just say it for shits and giggles. In fact, as a queer person of color, I can say this is my life and I have the most knowledge when it comes to it and if I call someone out for being racist, it’s because they’re being racist. Because “color” may have NOTHING to do with your life and how people treat you, how they judge you, what jobs they may or may not hire you for, does not mean it is universally true for all.

You cannot call yourself an ally when you are using your own fame and privilege to hurt those within your own community.


Nuestra Hermana

ps: You are all welcome to reblog to add in commentary.




[Image Description: A photo of me holding up a piece of paper and with a “bitch please” smirk on my face.]
Text on paper:
I’m a brown, queer, person with a disability, fat, happy on most days first generation college student (with 20,000+ in debt). I have faced barriers, obstacles, stares, negative b.s., being poor, being broke (because there is a difference) [Forgot to add: for my entire life].
I am not your 99%.
I am not the 1%.
I’m not even included! (Unless I force myself. But why should I have to?)

More of these, please.





[Image Description: A photo of me holding up a piece of paper and with a “bitch please” smirk on my face.]

Text on paper:

I’m a brown, queer, person with a disability, fat, happy on most days first generation college student (with 20,000+ in debt). I have faced barriers, obstacles, stares, negative b.s., being poor, being broke (because there is a difference) [Forgot to add: for my entire life].

I am not your 99%.

I am not the 1%.

I’m not even included! (Unless I force myself. But why should I have to?)

More of these, please.


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[Images: Three promotional images for a sadly not real TV show called “Jazz Kings”. The first image shows a vintage, black and white sky line of New York with the show’s title and a thin Black woman wearing a flapper hat and dress laughing as she spins and dances, her long necklaces flying into the air. Beneath it is an image of actress Zoe Saldana in vintage 1920’s dress, looking through the veil of her hat at the camera. The third is of actress Ziyi Zhang in period dress as well in a green 1920’s style cheongsam(?), looking over her shoulder to the side.]


JAZZ KINGS a drama set in 1920’s Harlem New York during the influx of the Harlem Renaissance, the upswing of gangsters, prohibition, and suffrage, following Evelyn “Evie” Holmes [Zoe Saldana], as she navigates her new life in the city, where she quickly becomes beguiled by the new Jazz scene and the world of the men who run it…

I’ve got this whole concept where Evie is from Louisiana, but wants to try her luck as a real New Yorker cosmopolitan kinda gal, and so she legs it to Harlem and gets herself a job and a crappy tiny apartment with a few other girls, and meets some really glam dolls who lend her things so she can go dancing (because she’s so obsessed with work and they just wanna show her a good time) and she learns to loosen up and becomes a bit of a rebellious flapper since she’s away from her parents and she makes friends with Zhang Ziyi’s character who was working as maybe a waitress or something and they just get it and how people are bringing them down and they bemoan working and Evie meets the Jazz scene boys, with different groups and their followers vying to be the Jazz King, and there is sneaky alcohol consumption and mafia, and ~trendy~ white people who try to move in on the scene but mostly cause problems and the white ladies are always chatting about suffrage but they really only care about themselves for the most part and their new ability to vote. People have intense literary discussions and talk about Langston Hughes or Zora Neale Hurston or Dorothy Parker if you’re gettin’ outta Harlem and Warren G Harding scandalizes everyone then DIES, Calvin Coolidge gets elected, people listen to the radio for news. Also people are dropping dead of wood grain alcohols smuggled in as drinking liquors and sometimes people get bumped off if you know what I mean~ and there would be a lot of sex because progressivism.


…In my fake TV show, I’m having Zhang Ziyi. Fight me.

Jazz Kings 1 | Jazz Kings 2


This should really, really be a thing. Especially since right now I’m watching the Ken Burns series on Prohibition (it is seriously lacking in any real discussion/portrayal of PoC and non-white immigrants and what Prohibition was for them and their roles in it. Which is inexcusable, I find, as a historian). All I can think of is the total awesomeness of this show, and also of the hilarious scenes of some of the white suffragettes being unbearable, what with the Women’s Christian Temperance Union mostly just being the White Christian Temperance Movement. But mostly OH MY GOD ZIYI ZHANG AND ZOE SALDANA. ALL Z’S, ALL AWESOME, ALL THE TIME. 

Seriously, though, documentary. If you’re going to use lots and lots of jazz tunes from the era to symbolize the booziness and what not, at least TALK SOME ABOUT THE ACTUAL JAZZ ARTISTS AND WHERE THEY CAME FROM. 

This totally needs to be a thing that’s real. 



How exciting! Fantasy is so fun! You can do anything you want to your universe, because it’s fantasy - which is really great, because you’ve always wanted cats to talk and everyone else to share your distaste of squash. Plus you could have magic! Or not, you know, low-fantasy works too. Maybe it will be another Epic/High fantasy, and surely you’ve got a trilogy in the works, or perhaps you’re writing steam punk…anything your heart desires! This is so fun!

What’s that you say? You say you have a hero in mind? Wonderful! Your hero is a strapping young farmboy? Yes? Well, okay. It’s been done before, but I trust you. He’s an orphan, you say? And the Chosen one? Oh, well alright. (Hey you steampunk novelist. Don’t walk away. I noticed you were writing about a young boy who wants to be an airship mechanic. It’s okay, just keep following along.) There’s a great big evil he must defeat in order to save his town, village, country, or the world? Well yes, there does need to be some antagonism in this story, so I’ll let that go, and of course your big evil needs monster or henchmen or something, and yes, this kid really does need a wiser, more experienced person to hel-he’s a man too?

Well you know it wasn’t uncommon for older men and younger male warriors in training to carry on relationships in certain societ- hmm? Oh they’re not gay? Are you sure?

I suppose. If you really feel that way. I just thought it would be interesting and realistic is all, but let’s get back to your story. So he needs a mentor, because he’s only a farmboy, and this older man actually knows what’s going on, but he can’t explain because…well you can think of why later.

What’s that? Oh! There’s a girl character? Lovely! What’s she like? I’m sure the hero here needs a friend, perhaps, or maybe a sister, or another advisor, and maybe just maybe- oh.

She’s the love interest?

Are you sure?

She’s particularly beautiful. Sweet, giving, and has been eying the hero now that he’s gone through some warrior training, and of course she’s graceful. (Is she an elf?) Oh, you gave her a sword. Well that’s a relief, those monsters/henchmen we tossed out into your world are crawling all over the place and so it’s a good thing to keep- she can’t wield it, can she?

No, no, you gave her a broadsword. Her fingers are soft and smooth like silk, you just described this two pages ago. A swords woman has callouses. And even if you lie about that, or gloss over it, you just gave a petite blonde a broadsword. (Do you know what a broadsword is? Have you ever tried lifting one, and then swinging it around for a half hour? Nevermind, don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself trying.) She just lost the fight. So the hero could save her.

Let’s do this over again.

Particularly beautiful, blahblahblah, no broadsword. Okay. Good. She can’t fight? Well no, she couldn’t fight, she was trying to wield a broadsword on foot. That’s just not practical. What, you mean she really cannot fight? Well that seems stupid, she needs to do something-embroidery?

She’s going to embroider things? And do what, make the perfect cross stitch?

It’s because she’s a woman?

She’s a woman so she can’t fight, but she likes to embroider-


We’ve gone too far! This is absurd. She lives in a world where danger is at every turn, and the worst she can do is bat her eyelashes and faint? Nevermind her craftiness, it’s not like she gets to use it to stitch wounds on the battlefield.

What do you mean it’s realistic?

This isn’t realistic! How is she alive when you’ve painted a big red target on her back that says “Beautiful noble thing the hero cares about - steal me, I’m helpless to stopping you!”? Well but she’s a woman, and women were supposed to be cooking and cleaning and having children in this time. What time? Whatever do you mean, dear novelist? It’s unrealistic to have her be powerful, she’s a girl!

But this is a fantasy novel! There’s no such thing as having to stick to one time period, and remember, we were so excited to do whatever we wanted to in the world because of this being a fantasy novel and all! But this is like Europe! It was a misogynistic society! There was patriarchy! I am trying to be accurate in my portrayals!


Fine, you know what? You want accuracy. That’s cool. It’s okay to base your world off of stuff in the real world. So that’s why she can’t fight! Why are you arguing with me on this?

Well because maybe it’s why she can’t fight! But maybe it’s not. Let’s just FORGET Europe.  Look at Japan - women in Samurai families could train with weapons in order to defend their homes! that was a patriarchal society, and they still trained those women to fight. Or how about Mongolia? Not only were women in charge of the supplies, home tents, and animals, but they could choose to marry and were supposed to initiate sex. And they could fight or be a battle strategist too! And hey, Genghis Khan actually made selling, kidnapping, and raping women illegal under his rule! Maybe we can avoid implying that all brown people have mandatory rape festivals!

Get this, she doesn’t even have to fight to be powerful! Crazy, huh? A woman wrote the first modern novel, remember? Maybe she’s a novelist, and wrote the equivalent of the Tales of Genji. Maybe she’s a diplomat, some of the Mongolian women acted like that. Or maybe she’s an adviser - a political adviser. Maybe she’s the Queen! She’s not the Queen? Well, maybe she’s running the show behind the scenes. Or she’s a spy. 

Want to hear something even crazier? Not all societies function/ed under the western notion of what equality should be! Sometimes being the woman of the house means a whole hell of a lot because you run the place where people eat, sleep, and live. And the men have a totally different separate function in society that is not greater or lesser in standing. You remember seeing all those reblogs on why its not okay for white girls to run around in Native American war bonnets, right? They’re worn by men who have earned that right in battle, and women generally don’t wear them. They had their own regalia. A lot of non-western/white cultures don’t have the same norms, traditions, domains split between men and women but that doesn’t make it misogynistic or even unequal. Try looking up stuff like dual-sex/dual-gendered systems, female husbands, and matriarchies and patriarchies existing in the same culture or society. Not all cultures function the same way white Europeans do! Remember that when world building.

So your girl could totally be in charge of the household and not be a simpering helpless blonde. That household may put her equal to her husband or the hero who goes out and fights without a domain.

Remember that hero we had at the beginning? He’s now without supplies, transportation, food, a place to live, or any money or support. All he has are weapons. Because the women of your world are in control of the households. Men are warriors. Whoops. He’s not going to get very far without supplies. Now he has to learn to deal in this society by protecting the female domains who keep him supplied and clothed. Maybe he has to take up quests in order to afford the way to defeating the bad guy.

What’s that?

You want to write women who do stuff besides have babies? Awesome.

You still want her to be good at embroidery?

Fine by me. Just fine by me.

What do you do with that farm boy now? Don’t ask me, I don’t have the damnedest idea.

I have so many feelings about this is and ALL OF THEM AGREEMENT AND LOVE. oh my god, CO-SIGNING THIS SO HARD. 


[image descriptions: a brown skinned fat woman is wearing a Wonder Woman costume made out of glitter PVC. In the top photo she is standing heroically. In the bottom left photo she is turned to the side and smirking. In the bottom right photo she is standing next to a red, white and blue motorcycle.]

Wonder Woman!

This is one of my favorite costumes ever. It’s based on Wonder Woman’s 1940s costume (in her first appearances she wore a skirt). The outfit was custom made for me by Curious Couture and the photography was done by Alisa Lemberg.

I couldn’t find red earrings, so I took “pearl” earrings and painted them with nail polish. I admit to being sad I couldn’t find better red boots for this photo (I eventually found a pair with white stripes up the middle).

Stunning in all possible ways. When comic books start publishing heroines like this (regularly and in their own books)? I will start reading comics again.