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This makes the Georgia campaign even more manipulative

According to a story today in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the heavy children shown in the state of Georgia’s shaming, shameful Strong4Life campaign are child actors hired to pretend they have hypertension, no friends, and other negative qualities the ads associate with childhood obesity. Because … they couldn’t find any fat children with those conditions who were willing to model for their ads? Maybe. Maybe not. Here I was worrying about how starring in an ad like this would affect a child like “Jaden” or “Maritza.” It turns out there is no “Maritza,” or rather, “Maritza” is actually a healthy 11-year-old girl named Chloe who does not have hypertension, or any major health issues. So it turns out that not only is this so-called public health campaign manipulative and shaming, it’s also a big lie. A big FAT lie. Stop lying, Georgia. Really.

I’m this close to making a Shit People Say to Fat Girls. Seriously. 

With such classics as: 

"You know, I just heard about this great new diet on TV"

"That’s so slenderizing on you!"

"That’s not really that flattering on you."

"Hey, have you tried the South Beach Diet?"

"Hey have you tried the Adkins Diet?"

"Have you tried the Grapefruit Diet?"

"It’s just not healthy to be so big. I’m concerned about your health."

"Do you want to die? You’re killing yourself with food!"

"You should eat to live not live to eat!"

"Oh, I know, it’s so hard to find the right sizes. I went to Abercrombie and Fitch and they totally only had one size four shirt in the color I wanted. Can you believe that?"

"You should wear Spanx, they’ll make you look ten pounds lighter!"

"Should you be eating that? It has soooo many calories."

"You know, I heard if you just walk thirty extra minutes a day then you can lose twenty pounds a month!"

"I know there’s a thin person inside you waiting to get out!"

"Do you really need that?"

"And here’s your drinks. I got you diet coke.”

"What if you just stop drinking soda?"

"We should totally go on a diet together, then we can be buddies!"

"It’s like you’re carrying around a fifty pound backpack all the time."

"But you’ll get diabetes!"

"You’re probably already diabetic and you don’t know it."

"But, why should MY money have to go to pay for fat people’s bad choices. Maybe if they hadn’t eaten so much and exercised more, they wouldn’t be sick."

"Oh god, shoot me if I ever get THAT big!"

"Oh god, she must feel so miserable being that big."

"Don’t worry, you’re not like one of those lazy fat people."

"Come on, you need the exercise!" 

So this morning I see that professional fat-hater Jamie Oliver has posted a petition which he’s asking people to sign in support of his “Food Revolution,” and in which he’s included the bullshit stat that “obesity in the US costs $10,273,973 per hour” (sure) and notes, in all-caps, “OBESITY IS PREVENTABLE.”

Celebrities who have signed the petition are posted in rotation: Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, P. Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres.

It’s always nice to see wealthy people with access to the best food, comprehensive healthcare, personal trainers, private chefs, and individual nutritional plans put their names to a petition admonishing the fatties that OBESITY IS PREVENTABLE.

When there are people for whom that is not true, people for whom obesity is not preventable, for myriad reasons, to bray about how their bodies (our bodies; ourselves) are “preventable” is to engage in eliminationist rhetoric.

I will never not be fat.

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville: On Fat Hatred and Eliminationism (via finebyyou)

Take note, remember the names. These are the celebrities who have just said that you don’t count if you’re “obese”. These are the celebrities who have just decided that their wealth, fame, and privilege give them the right to act as the professional body and weight police. 

These are the people who will sign petitions, but won’t do shit when people need health care, who burn more money just showing off how rich they are than most people will see in a year or maybe a decade of working shit jobs and eating whatever food they can afford. These are the people who will jump on a bandwagon, but won’t think about how it encourages hate and hateful acts against obese people.

How many people could afford to see a doctor or pay for the medicine they need with what these folks spend on cars, clothes, big ass houses, and other things? 

For that matter, how many hungry people could’ve gotten food (at all) for what it cost to make and produce Jamie Oliver’s fat hating, obesity-stigma promoting bullshit show? How many kids in other schools in that area went home and knew that their school lunch, however healthy or unhealthy, was all they were getting because there wasn’t going to be any dinner that night?

But hey, better they starve and only get one or two meals a day than to get enough food. At least if they starve they’ll stay thin, right? Right? I mean, who cares if a kid is hungry, miserable, and not feeling well, as long as they aren’t a big fat fatty, right?

So remember these names. These are the hypocrites. These are the ones who didn’t just go along with a fucked up system, but went out of their way to help hold us down.