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Michelle Obama Orders 1,556-Calorie Meal →

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    "you and your children need to eat healthier!" "public schools need to provide healthy options for children, because in...
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    only fox news would report this kind of stuff -___-
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    I wanted to point out with this reblog that it’s extremely hypocritical that Michelle Obama has no problems allowing...
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    First off, if this did come across as food policing of the First Lady, I apologize. Because whatever I intended doesn’t...
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    Did she go to a school, order the cooks to make her a calorie outrageous meal and eat it in front of kids, whom she’d...
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    This shit is desperate as hell.
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    I would have been ecstatic if we had good food at my high school cafeteria. It was always hamburgers,poutine,hot dogs,...
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    I hope he pokes himself in the eye with his straw …
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    11/10 - would rage again. Michelle Obama is an individual who has shown she has enough responsibility about her habits...
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