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Delta Blues - Another PoCentric Faux Show
                      Urban Fantasy/Action/Drama/[Musical?]

 DELTA BLUES - Loosely based on the legend of Robert Johnson,Delta Bluesfollows R.T. “Artie” Johnson [Aldis Hodge], as he hunts monsters, breaks curses, and clashes with urban legends—all while trying to  make it as a travelling musician.

After a fateful encounter at a crossroads, Artie is given a host of gifts— both musical and supernatural. In exchange, he is tasked with using his newfound powers to vanquish evil wherever encountered until his debt is paid.

The cases would be relatively episodic, though there’d be some overarching plot that I haven’t thought of in the least, yet. The setting takes us from the street corners and juke joints of towns on the Mississippi Delta to big cities like New York and Chicago, and many places in between.

Creatures, legends, and lore would be primarily based on African/Black/Southern fare –think Stagger LeeJé-rougethe Boo Hag, etc- though PoC mainstays from other cultures, as well as standard cryptid classics would be on the table too. 

Artie’s childhood friend Michael “Mack” Bowman [Kid Cudi] and friendly neighborhood magic practitioner Vivian “Viv” Jackson [Elle Varner] tag along, because I prefer trios to dudebro duos.

{{Think Supernatural, but less jarringly White and appropriative!}}


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    1) Thank you for not including incest. Then again, Supernatural contains no dogs, and yet the kink meme purportedly...
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    In all sincerity, I really don’t think that this show would attract a particularly messed-up kind of fandom. (I’ve also...
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    I can guarantee that there would be no incest written into the show, lol. And ideally, no fanbase that would seek...
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    I would watch every second of this.
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