Picture removed because it's Pavel Patel in racist-ass BLACKFACE makeup








reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyy? you racist asshole.

hell no

[gif removed - mt]



Seriously? How was there any part of this person’s brain that thought that this would be okay. Is it really that hard to get that blackface is WRONG AND RACIST? 

Pre-emptively blocking this fucker and making sure that if the name ever crosses my dash again, I’ll be sure to share with people what a racist shitbag this person is. I hope this is the end of their artistic career forever. It should be. This is irredeemable shit right here. 

If anyone feels the need to punch this person in the face, I’ve got a ten in on your bail money because they really, really deserve it for this crap.

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    I am going to vomit.
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    Posting because I see his bitchass on my dash. blackface…...
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    Thanks for letting me know about this! This is the same person as in the picture I reblogged earlier here (added an edit...
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    Good to know! Its art .
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    Noooooooo why is everyone awful in the end?????
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    Jesus christ! Good to know!
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    Seriously? Final straw. This guy needs to fucking log off.
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    YOUR FAVS COULD NEVER (no seriously they’d never do blackface)
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    *waits for defenders of this ignorance* Don’t bother trying to convince sane people this is not ignorant.
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    He deleted this, so I’m reblogging again
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    dammit pavel i liked you
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    Moments like this
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    In all fucks of what the fuck…..really tho?