Madame Thursday


what happened to crackerhell?

— Asked by Anonymous

You’re asking the wrong person, greyface. I’m barely on Tumblr these days except to reblog a few choice posts and haven’t seen anything regarding them or why their posts are no longer on their Tumblr account and there’s just the one post. 

Maybe they just wanted to take a Tumblr break? IDK. 

Frankly, given the heinous shit (death threats, rape threats, being called slurs, etc, it goes on and on) I’ve seen people do to and say about crackerhell just for saying true and obvious stuff or just for existing, I’m not surprised if they have decided to move elsewhere or just not deal with racist trash on Tumblr anymore or have somehow protected their posts from being viewed by the general public or what not. 

Either way, you’re asking the wrong person. I don’t know them at all so I couldn’t tell you. 

ETA: if you read the one post that’s up there, I think they want to turn their Tumblr content into a book and that’s why they’ve taken them down. Should’ve said that as well. 

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