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I’m sorry, but why would you gain the trust of inner city children, give them an opportunity to go on something as scenic, adventurous, and different (for those who have never gone, at least) as hiking, and then completely betray them by writing down what they say and posting it on a blog named GHETTOHIKES?

You’re not entertaining people, you’re exposing and making a spectacle out of children that probably look up to you not only as a mentor, but also as an upstanding parental figure.

Seriously, this is fucking disgusting. 

Extremely appalling and a horrible breech of trust. Not to mention so fucking supremacist in so many fucking ways. I love how only hippie white folks have valid observations about nature and their floaty, hippie quotes are totally valid. 

But the kids should just be glad that someone is bothering to notice them. Ten says that this is a Great White Savior type who is getting credits on a resume for this shit.

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    Young people are always underestimated.
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    Give him a couple more years he’ll have an ~inspirational~ book/movie.
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    Way to turn what should be a good opportunity for children to experience new, exciting things into yet another time in...
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    All the gifs in the world can’t explain my anger. I can’t even with these white people.
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    ^ THIS THIS THIS. Ghettohikes is racist as shit and I’m so tired of white people who say they care about social justice...
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    I’m almost certain that someone proved this whole blog to be made up, but I don’t remember where I saw that.
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    ew. in hindsight i probably shoulda recognized the “Text from Bennett” pattern where the messages get less and less...
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    LOL at the original white person in this thread. Other people handled it well but the part I found particularly...
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    for those who had trouble figuring out why Racism is Bad.
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    @nobloodinrescuemode here is the critique of GhettoHikes i was waiting for. **WHITE OPINION WARNING** statements or...
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