[TRIGGER WARNING: genocide, pictures of a person's skull kept as a family heirloom]



The first picture is of my great great grandfather, Baldwin Olson. He collected Native American relics, such as arrow heads, ceremonial pipes, axes, etc that he found on the farm he lived on, in Breckenridge, Minnesota. My grandfather told me that when he was a kid, he’d wander around on the farm, and find arrowheads. He’d give the arrowheads to Baldwin, and for each arrowhead he found, he’d receive 50 cents for it. I always thought that was pretty cool.

At some point, Baldwin (or someone else who lived on that farm) found a Native American skull, that you see sitting on the shelf in the first picture, and surrounded in the trinkets in the second picture. When Baldwin died, his family donated the skull and other relics to a museum in Minnesota, because they had no use for those things. The skull wasn’t in the museum for long before a group of Native Americans found it to be offensive. The skull was removed from the museum, and given back to the Olsons. It has been in my family for about 60 or 70 years now, maybe longer than that.

The skull now sits in a glass cabinet in my aunts room, beside her bed, which you can see in the second picture.

Um. I almost started crying when I saw/read this. And I kind of want to throw up. This is genocide, everyone. White people keeping body parts as family heirlooms. Do y’all not have any sense of morality? Right from wrong? Is your family that devoid of any kind of empathy for people?  For fucking, fellow human beings, that you would keep a person’s skull as a keepsake? Jesus fucking christ, this is horrific.

And then you decide to post it on the internet like…oh, by the way! Fun fact!

Just…further degradation of this PERSON. Someone’s FAMILY MEMBER.

I can’t.

Co-signing everything liquornspice said. Sweet fuck, but this is one of the most atrocious, unacceptable, evil things I’ve ever heard of. 

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    What the fucking fuck? How is this even possibly almost remotely kind of okay?
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    She’s disgusting. I mean besides the fact that white people whose blogs are 99% masturbation over Nordic gods and lore...
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    One soldier made things with skin. And wasn’t considered dangerous, oh no since it was an Indian’s skin.
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    I’m glad that the museum took it off of display at the request of the Native Americans, that was certainly the right...
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    I get the impression that she’s legitimately unaware of the fact that reputable museums have been debating the ethics of...
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    I’m going to sit here and stare here at the comparison between an arrowhead and a piece of human remains. You are...
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    Yeah, when she mentioned the Bodies exhibit, I thought of Sarah Baartman (the "Hottentot Venus") and whether this girl...
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    Arrowheads are one thing, they’re objects, though I know it’s debated over whether or not it’s ethical for people to...
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    I think there is some controversy over that exhibit/where he got the bodies from actually! But I don’t remember if that...
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    Wait didn’t the story say the dude’s ancestor found the skull, you know with arrowheads and stuff? As in, implying it...
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    Wow. I really hope that OP finds it in her heart to try and contact the displaced family and return the remains. I...
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    Just now updated myself on what is going on with this.. This makes me seriously upset.
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    SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!? I can’t even express my disgust here.