Trailer Trashing: White Privilege In Movie Trailers


This is infuriating. That is the only way I can describe it. Rage. So much rage.

In case you needed a trailer by trailer break down, here it is. But don’t read comments. Mostly because people don’t seem to get that it doesn’t matter if the actual film itself may do a good job. It’s the fact that even when a movie has equal PoC representation, they don’t GET TO BE IN THE FUCKING TRAILER because they’re apparently not fit to be the face of the film. 

So, yeah. Great post. Don’t read the damn comments. 

  1. nowisgreater said: I ended up unsubbing from Soc Images altogether because I can’t keep myself from clicking in to read the comments and the comments are always SO BAD. Seems like only professional trolls comment there anymore.