"The City of the Hand is a place of sharp contrasts, and infinite secrets, a place where a person can find everything and anyone. Outside it’s walls lurks a carnivorous, demonic forest that can and will eat people alive, only the inhuman Gray Demons live there. Inside the walls, things aren’t much safer. Especially for Maira, a courier who finds herself responsible for delivering the most precious parcel in the city from the hands of a man who dies in her arms to a mysterious, unnamed recipient. Her task is not even that simple, however, because it is not only the secret she carries that has drawn attention. She herself becomes of great interest to a sharp tongued sorcerer, a deadly Tract Lord, and two agents who work for the secret police - the Red Hand and those who would gladly kill her to either to claim the parcel she carries or stop her delivering it.”

City of the Hand is a fantasy novel I’ve written. It’s available for free download as an e-book (free!)

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I love and adore when people recommend my book to others, and I welcome all reviews (positive, negative, whatever). I don’t tend to reply to reviews because I’ve never heard of anyone arguing a critic or reviewer into liking a book.

The book is under a creative commons copyright, so all transformative and derivative works are welcome (like fanart and fanfiction), and feel free to share the ebook file with any and everyone.